Tech in the horse world

The horse is the domestic animal that needs more attention. It all starts with the equipment, but also the health of the horses, its maintenance, its meal and all the good tips to raise a horse.

The horse remains faithful to its rider

When you have a horse, even if it is housed in a boarding school, you have to spend time for the visit. Once a week, her owner has to come by and take care of her in her own way. This contact with his rider is very important for the horse. By brushing her hair in the morning, her rider communicates with her. Then, you have to ride it and take time to face the obstacles with it. Jump a big stone that blocks your way, cross a meadow together, run through the woods testing the horse's endurance. It is a moment that the horse waits with patience. He would also like to mix in a herd, and gallop together like real gangs. A time when it is his rider who feeds him and he certainly has another way of serving his meal as part of their plot.

The influence of technology in the equestrian world

The manufacturers of his equestrian accessories have improved their manufacturing technique and added a more innovative mode to the horse's equipment. The horse training program at a ranch has been improved to give horses performance, but to make each strategy easier to assimilate. For example, we have this portable strap that allows you to check your horse's heartbeat so that the rider can rate his movements. Via your smartphone, you know exactly that this horse wants to run or he is afraid and needs to be reassured. A technique of manipulating the reins to frame the horse's trajectory has also been adopted.

In this way, veterinarians have no difficulty in carrying out their monthly visit, especially for race horses.