All the different types of saddles available

The first thing to consider is to tailor the saddle to your horse and the shape of your body. If it's not well matched with your horse, you will be likely to experience different problems during the training and even about his health. As a rider, you would be less confident with a saddle that won't fit you and more difficult to ride. Measuring and securing the saddle are two steps not to be overlooked.

Saddle preference according to riding experience

The duration of your riding sessions will set your saddle preference. If you regularly go riding, then you can take a multi-purpose saddle. It is suitable for non-intensive activities of all kinds and is suitable for both beginners and more experienced people. Choose a mixed saddle, located between the show jumping and the dressage saddles as part of regular practice. If you want to train intensively in a specific discipline then you have to bet on an acceptable saddle. For example choose an antares saddles for an intensive hike. When you practice more than one discipline, it is best to bet on only as many saddles as experienced disciplines are available. answer to everyone’s questions when it comes to the type of saddle to use with your horse.

Springing Saddles

There are saddles suited to show jumping. Perfect for achieving great performance while on horseback, they give unrivaled comfort. The seat is much flatter than the dressage saddles, which, when viewed from the edge, look more like a curve. The saddle flaps are much wider, allowing more support in the leg. These same flaps are lined to ensure good stability and better lower leg safety during jumps. Many newer and improved versions give lateral flexion of the arches of the saddle, thereby offering more freedom of movement. Other models are equipped with built-in sleepers and wedges to support the rider better, as well as a strap system to adapt the saddle to all horse breeds and sizes.

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