Choose a good saddle if you want to protect your horse's back !

The saddle is a must-have accessory when practicing horseback riding. This accessory has a very important role guaranteeing both the comfort, but also the good practice of this activity. The choice will then be strict since the safety of the horse, but also of the rider will be taken into account by this choice. It is by taking into consideration a few selection criteria that you will find the best product.

The first criteria of choice: size and shape

As a reminder, the antares saddles are the accessory that separates the rider from the horse. It is essential to use it during practice since it is it that binds the two protagonists. It is the saddle that guarantees the comfort of use. At the level of the horse, his back will be spared much during the practice. As for the rider, he will have better comfort and better control during practice. When choosing, the first essential criterion is undoubtedly the price. Indeed, it is always the budget that limits when choosing. In this case, it will not be compulsory to buy the most expensive seat for the best quality. In the case of antares saddles, even second-hand models will offer optimal efficiency. Otherwise, there is the size and shape of the saddle. These two criteria will depend mostly on the discipline you will engage in.

Its aesthetic and other criteria

Certainly, aesthetics will not directly interfere with the effectiveness of the saddle. But this is an important criterion. Indeed, when purchasing the item, it will necessarily require that you like it. It is your comfort of use that it is. Next comes the choice of monoquartier saddles. This type of saddle has a reputation already well done. People with thighs that are fairly short and round will appreciate these models perfectly. Otherwise, if you are an amateur and you do not use excessively the saddle, then the dubbed models will be perfectly adequate. In case you change horses, it will not be necessary to change the saddle. The whole thing is to know how to balance the saddle well in front of the new horse.

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