Second hand equipment sales at the horse riding club house !

You are looking for a saddle for your horse? You should know that the choice should depend mainly use you want to make. You are looking for a bowel obstruction trend, dressing, walking or mixed? American, English, Australian, Iberian or bardette? You can find what you need by relying directly to the advice of professionals in the field including your manufacturer.

English saddles are for academic and classic climbs. US stools are mounted rather for Western as barrel racing, reining and others. Australian saddles are quite close to those of the Americans. They are generally used by cowboys austranliens and are distinguished by those Americans with ears protruding on the front of the saddle and the use of an English classic strap to keep the saddle. The Iberian selels are ideal for training while bardettes are more for beginners children on a pony.

Stool at a small price

If you are looking for a saddle while you have a small budget, you can have a look at our online shop. We purpose cwd used saddles to suit your needs. There's something for everyone but for any budget. These are high quality products from major brands such as Antares, CWD and others. You choose the one that best correspond to your expectations.

If you need help regarding your choice of equipment, know that our consultants are always at your disposal and your listening. Choosing a saddle can actually be difficult especially if one knows nothing. This could push us to further endanger the health of our horses and our security. To avoid this, we offer you the service of professionals in this area to help. You must effectively take account of the size of your saddle, the material with which it is made, if you want a seat fitted or not, not to mention your budget. These details are to be considered before buying.

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