Caring horse means getting good riding equipments

Taking care of his horse means not only clean the well treat sickness and others. Indeed, this also concerns the choice of materials and equipment for your horse was not hurt when it takes you or when it moves. To choose the right equipment, there are some points to be reckoned with.

The saddle

There are several types of saddles on the market. However, the majority of riders use the used french saddles for quality equipment at low prices. Again, you have the choice of pure leather and synthetic. Leather remains the traditional natural material. It is noble and is more aesthetic. Its life is incomparable especially if it is well maintained regularly. The synthetic is cheaper and is very easy to maintain with a very fast drying with heavy rain although his life remains somewhat limited. If you do not know how to properly place a saddle, you need to call in the professionals to do this so that your horse has not backache.

The jaws

The bit is the part that will allow the rider to control the speed and direction of the horse. Its dimensions are generally depend on the size of the horse and his race. There is something for all sizes. However you must be careful that it is not too big or too small. You have the choice between the snaffle bit, the flange and the hackamore.

The net

The net is all strips. Its role is to properly maintain the bit in the mouth of your horse. There are many types of top apron. They vary with the opening of the horse's mouth. It is not necessary that the net is too small or too large either. To determine the size of a bridle, you must first measure the distance of a commissure of lips to another through the neck of the horse and then choose the size grid. Ideally, you should choose the larger size. So click here to find out more about purchasing horse equipment.

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