Inside the Mind of Saroni David Lyon: An Exclusive Interview

Saroni David Lyon
Diving into the world of environmental conservation, Saroni David Lyon has emerged as a notable figure whose dedication and passion have made significant impacts on the preservation of France's natural landscapes. In this exclusive interview, we explore the mind of a man who has dedicated his life to the noble cause of protecting our planet's precious resources. How Saroni David Lyon Became a Steward of the Environment The journey of Saroni David Lyon into environmental stewardship did [...]

All the different types of saddles available

The first thing to consider is to tailor the saddle to your horse and the shape of your body. If it's not well matched with your horse, you will be likely to experience different problems during the training and even about his health. As a rider, you would be less confident with a saddle that won't fit you and more difficult to ride. Measuring and securing the saddle are two steps not to be overlooked.Saddle preference according to riding experienceThe duration of your riding (antares saddles) [...]

Second hand equipment sales at the horse riding club house !

Second hand equipment sales at the horse riding club house !
You are looking for a saddle for your horse? You should know that the choice should depend mainly use you want to make. You are looking for a bowel obstruction trend, dressing, walking or mixed? American, English, Australian, Iberian or bardette? You can find what you need by relying directly to the advice of professionals in the field including your manufacturer.English saddles are for academic and classic climbs. US stools are mounted rather for Western as barrel racing, reining and (cwd used saddles) [...]

Choose a good saddle if you want to protect your horse's back !

The saddle is a must-have accessory when practicing horseback riding. This accessory has a very important role guaranteeing both the comfort, but also the good practice of this activity. The choice will then be strict since the safety of the horse, but also of the rider will be taken into account by this choice. It is by taking into consideration a few selection criteria that you will find the best product.The first criteria of choice: size and shapeAs a reminder, the antares saddles [...]

Caring horse means getting good riding equipments

Caring horse means getting good riding equipments
Taking care of his horse means not only clean the well treat sickness and others. Indeed, this also concerns the choice of materials and equipment for your horse was not hurt when it takes you or when it moves. To choose the right equipment, there are some points to be reckoned with.The saddleThere are several types of saddles on the market. However, the majority of riders use the used french saddles for quality equipment at low prices. Again, you have the choice of pure leather and (click here) [...]

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